The rhodesian ridgeback Breed

Rhodesians only want one thing: spending all their time with us.

However, in any household there are rules which must be respected… striking the right balance between toughness and sweetness you can demand from them what is needed for a harmonious and serene life.

The general personality traits of the breed are:“Dignified, intelligent, detached with strangers, but not aggressive and shy”

(Standard FCI, 10/12/1996)

Our way of being also breeders is driven by deeply-rooted core ethical values which include the utmost respect for the well-being of our dogs and their future families.

On our dogs we perform all the necessary check-ups for dysplasia in the official screening centers and we carry out the main genetic tests recommended for the breed, including Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) and Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy (JME)

The females of our kennel give birth to their first litter only after 3 estrous cycles and not before.

In order to then ensure the full recovery of the mother, the following litters are carried out, skipping at least one estrous cycle between one fertilization and the next.

We plan few litters to be able to devote ourselves completely to our little ones who are stimulated from the first days of life to make sure they are healthy, safe and well-balanced when they eventually join their new families, after at least 60 days.

The Ridgeback Della Sierra kennel in Caronno Varesino in Varese district is officially recognized by the Italian National Cynophile Organization (ENCI) and by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI).


Our Rhodesian Ridgebacks




D.O.B. 15 MAGGIO 2015



Name / Numa




D.O.B. 10 gennaio 2019


Name / Brienne



D.O.B. 31 ottobre 2017


Superata prova CAE-1

Name / Sierra



PEDIGRI LO 2070156

D.O.B. 3.04.2020


Name / Naira

The story of the breeding Rhodesian Ridgeback of the Sierra Varese

My name is Barbara and I want to tell you about our “adventure” that began a few years ago when my husband and I bumped into a Rhodesian Ridgeback for the very first time.
Bergamo, 7.30 on a spring morning. As usual, we are heading toward the bar for a coffee, walking through a small public park, having a chat before starting our working day.
At this time of the day the place is usually deserted, but on this occasion we can see a gentleman slowly picking his way among the flowerbeds, accompanied, a short distance away, by a beautiful large dog, dark red solid-colored, muscular and with an odd-looking dark stripe running down its spine.
The owner is not aware of our presence behind him, but the dog, until then busy sniffing the ground, stops and turns its head to shoot a glance at us…motionless. An instant later, he resumes his “ground-reading” activity, no longer interested in us.
“Did you see how beautiful it is?” “What breed is it?” “Did you notice its glance?”, “But what does he have on its back?” ,”But it is unleashed…” With a thousand questions on our mind and spurred by an irrepressible curiosity we deviate from our path closing in on the unusual “couple” and here we go again it´s staring at us once more, intensely! This time it stops next to the master waiting for us. Not a bark, not a nervous nod, just standing still, awaiting our arrival.
When the owner began to answer our questions, the dog took his eyes off us, scanning the area around us.
It had never been trained and lived at home with the family…
That day the seeds were sown of an evergrowing passion for this breed along with the sheer desire to share our life with it. So, almost a year later, little Numa came along…the first of our RRs.
Then came the first litter and with it the wish to raise an extraordinary breed with love and awareness.
We remain curious, we ask a thousand questions…we never stop learning, especially from fellow breeders and friends who freely share their knowledge and experience.


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See what they say about us

Barbara and Danilo are two fabulous, hospitable and sunny people and have always helped us to get into the puppy’s life. They run the breeding farm with great care and more than a breeding farm it is really a Rhodesian family. Thank you for everything you have done for us (and for the constant advice, now that we are growing up with Yuna).

Annika e Antonio

Super professional and very serious breeding. Already from the first meeting you realise that you are in a facility where the dogs are very well kept. Danillo and Barbara are two nice people who explain everything from A to Z and even after you take the puppy home they are always ready to give you an answer on any point. I definitely recommend this kennel. For the breed then, I am very happy, I come from the experience of a male Doberman and I wanted to get to know the Rhodesian and I must say that beyond the aesthetic beauty it is a very well-balanced breed. Very attached to the family and very good with children.

Manuel G.

My husband and I (who are in love with the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed) contacted the Sierra Ridgeback Breeding in order to adopt a puppy. We went to Danilo and Barbara’s kennel a couple of weeks ago and were impressed by their kindness, helpfulness and seriousness. Beautiful and perfectly healthy puppies, parents of excellent pedigree and a lot of professionalism and love for dogs. We highly recommend the kennel because it guarantees the adoption of healthy puppies brought up in a family environment with competent people who are able to give the best advice regarding the fostering and growth of the puppies, considering both the needs of the future owners and the puppies.

Laura B.

Barbara and Danilo are simply fantastic, utmost professionalism and competence, a rare attention to the wellbeing of dogs in a context that is very well looked after in all respects.
Highly recommended

Donatella M.